Samsung Wants To Give You $2 Million For YOUR School!


Samsung wants to give your school a SHARE of 2 Million dollars. Hannah Cranston breaks down a way to help out your community. Make sure to register before the deadline of Nov 30th!

Public school teachers nationwide can help their school win a share of $2M in Samsung technology by entering the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest.

6th-12th grade students: get your teacher’s to register!

Let’s all support Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Math (STEAM) subjects

Make sure to register before the deadline of Nov 30th!

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  1. My school was one of the winners last year, they are making an alert system for a local trail for the police or ambulance after many incidents have happened there

  2. This is clearly a good PR stunt to compensate for all of the Galaxy S7 smartphones that have caught fire. Samsung, you're as transparent as Shillary Clinton.

  3. Since when is think tank big on those subject areas? They are big on the arts and politics from what I can tell, not so much technology and science. Also, how many kids watch this channel anyway? It is a little inappropriate for kids. Also, a little bit advanced for kids.

  4. Hannah is so fucking gorgeous… Her face is the only reason I even clicked on the first Think Tank video I ever watched. Hannah, if you're reading this all I have to say is… How you doin'

  5. I've been quite disappointed with Think Tank since the election. This IS a THINK TANK correct where discussions can occur? Bring in someone that has an opposing opinion one why Hillary lost? How can you balance 1 person winning the popular vote nationwide while only winning the popular vote in 18 of 50 states? What is more representative of the national opinion? Overall National Vote or State Representational Vote? I won't unsub from this channel, but I am disappointed that there is a clear discussion to be had, but we are still only hearing "disappointment" views rather than "why/how could this happen" from the opposition point of view. Cheers.

  6. I've never heard S.T.E.A.M pronounced that way XD, as a individual in STEAM, we say it like a flowers stem, not water vapor. don't ask me why, that's just how it is.

  7. This woman is a fraud. She is a member of the secret coalition of lizard people. Along with Jimmy Dore and Francis Maxwell who are also lizard people who have infiltrated the TYT network. You've been warned.

  8. Man, fuck my school. Why would I do shit for them, whenever they get money they wait it. My school just built a state of the art hockey pitch, right next to the state of the art hockey pitch they built 7 years ago with the exact same shit, bust we can't play basketball because the PE department hasn't got the money to buy basketballs or any new equipment for that matter. And to make thing better, my school does not have a hockey team, has not had one for over 12 years. BECAUSE FUCK COMMON SENSE.

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