Samsung UN65C8000XF Review – The Baddest 3D TV Ever?


Your wife is mad at you!  Because your thinking of buying another big screen TV, am I right?  The thing is if your going to buy one now is a good time, because the biggest and baddest of them all has arrived.  I’m talking about the Samsung UN65C8000XF model 8000 series of TVs.

We all know technology changes as fast as our underpants (for some of us anyway) and what is new today will be obsolete is the next few months.  My 42 inch plasma with 720 seems ancient compared to all the new 3D LED TV’s and upgraded 1080p plasmas.  But to determine if what you purchase now will stay up to date for a few years just use common sense.  

First off only blu-ray can deliver 1080p, most HD cable and satellite feeds can only muster up 1080i or 720p.  So the only way to watch true HD 1080p is from a blu-ray disc whether watching a movie or playing a video game.  That being said lets switch our focus to the 3D craze.

The new form of 3D television is not the old blue and red kind, this is much different and way more interactive on our viewing.  Take the “UN65C8000XF” model from Samsung, it has everything including 3D, 1080p, Samsung Apps, and a list as long as Gene Hackman’s resume on the IMDB.

But does this Samsung stack up and deliver?  I have personally witnessed its power and I can say “wow”!  The 65 inches of pure grab-you-by-the-throat impact and the sharp colors and picture will have you second guessing at what real like looks like, for a minute everything not on the screen looked like 720p while the TV was more vivid and had more life to it.  Sounds strange I know but that is the only way to describe it.  A blu-ray version of Avatar was playing and was mesmerizing to say the least, imagine watching the game or MMA on this thing, it’s like being there for real.

Don’t forget about the Samsung Apps, basically a smart-phone on steroids with the entire Internet at your helm.

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