Samsung LN32A450 32-inch LCD HDTV 720p Excellent TV at a good price


Advantages: Excellent, crisp HD picture, color, contrast excllent fixed response time
Cons: Slight pixelation with poor quality SD signal

“After much research, finally settled on this set. I was very interested in the Toshiba Regza price slightly lower, but all the stores in my area do not have. So, in turn, I realized that Samsung, in particular, seems to have a high level of image. Finally, I decided to take the plunge 3 days, and I am not disappointed at all. In the past, II had several problems with the LCD-TV, which is why it is so far been reluctant . I know that these problems are in the minds of many people, so that each of them:

Proposal Response

The first and most important, the rapid response time of the movement. Engine are absolutely nuts if the TV can not “celebrate” the proposal (ie, if the image smears, or fractures, when the components are high-speed zoom the screen). The item you are looking for an LCD screen that tells you this is “response time” and want something 8ms or less. I think this TV is 6ms (the specifications say Sammy’s on this site, but has several stores in 8 ms). In any case, this TV “holds” the rapid flow of images, even very good. In the store, which celebrates the best of all movements of comparable price, including the Sony Bravia around $ 1k, tall and nearly the same price. When I returned I tried it with Star Wars ep. 1 and the sequence of the battle of Narnia. Both looked still using a DVD player with HDMI Upconverter 720p. You will not see the ghost of HD images.

Color and contrast
Color fidelity and contrast are important to me, and we know that the production of LCD problems deep blacks and bright whites. This is not a problem for this series. It produces excellent color, and made a box with the factory drive. I have no contact at all. Tried to change to “Cinema” mode, which has some nice features, but it seemed good.

Standard Def version
Another big problem with the monitor and is not LCDTV on the resolution tends to look blurred or deficiencies. “I was very concerned about this because I have a bunch of old records of shows like The Simpsons and Seinfeld, so that will never be broadcast in HD. Too many broadcasters who do not have to change (even if not more). This TV has been good as I have seen, but not perfect. The good news is that sources like SD Upconverter Seinfeld DVD looks excellent – as well as regular TV, if not better. The bad news is that your VHS is blurred, and pixels on a set like this. I have a ton of VHS tapes left, and if it is not a serious problem. Regular SD sources with this set vary in quality. For example, the DS version of Animal Planet is on the other night is almost HD. At the same time, the cover is terrible and CNN channels. I suspect is the quality of programs and not all … otherwise all channels would be terrible in SD. So when you get a good source of dissemination SD , looks good.
I recommend this series. After connecting my HD cable today and see things as CSI: Miami, Las Vegas, and Miss Congeniality, all in widescreen, I can say that I am absolutely amazed by this series of HD performance. I do not think we can find a better price for the HDTV. “

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