Samsung, LG show off new Super Ultra HD TVs at CES 2017


[CES 2017] 삼성•LG TV 화질 경쟁
One of the biggest fixtures on the tech calendar kicks off this week in Las Vegas with market leaders and start-ups showing off their latest gadgets.
This year’s Consumer Electronics Show marks its 50th anniversary… and Korea’s tech giants — Samsung and LG — are using the event to unveil their new TVs and smart home appliances.
Ro Aram tells us more.
It seems Samsung Electronics is trying to put their Galaxy Note 7 fiasco behind them by focusing on TVs and smart kitchen appliances.
The firm unveiled its new Super Ultra HD TV with Quantum Dot technology – or QLED TV – which Samsung says represents its best achievement in image quality and viewing experience yet.

“With picture, this is the the best picture quality that Samsung has ever put into a television. We are going to give it a much wider contrast. Much deeper blacks. Much brighter brights with optimal peak brightness, achieving up to 2000 nits,”

At its press conference, Samsung also said the TVs can be wall-mounted with minimal gaps.
It also announced an improved smart hub system that allows users to catch up on the latest programs, movies and sport.

But rival LG Electronics is not backing down.
It also unveiled its SUHD TV lineup with nano cell display technology, which LG says reduces screen glow and claims has better picture quality than Samsung’s QLED.
The firm also showed off its ultrathin OLED W TV, which is less than three millimeters thick.

“What we are showing here at CES 2017 is what we call our W7, or nicknamed wallpaper, OLED TV. We nicknamed it wallpaper because it takes the OLED panel itself, strips everything else away, and is able to be mounted directly on the wall.”

The two firms are also battling it out on the home appliance front.
Samsung introduced Family Hub 2.0… a new series that expands the firm’s smart refrigerator models from four to ten.
New features include View Inside Camera and buying groceries as well as improvements in recipe browsing and shopping lists.

LG’s latest Smart InstaView fridge houses Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, allowing it to be told to play music and buy goods via voice command.
It also reminds owners of birthdays and anniversaries and when products inside are nearing their expiration dates.

These are just a fraction of products that will be showcased at CES 2017…
with eyes also turning to autonomous vehicles, virtual and augmented reality, smart beauty products, among others.
Ro Aram, Arirang News.

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  1. Two inferior products against Sony are competing against each other. I mean what now if the OLED panel on the Sony is from LG? They calibrate it better than any OLED manufacturers, and they have the least input lag on TVs. What now if Samsung's display is brighter than both LG and Sony's OLED? Nobody's going to bring their TVs on a beach, would they? In terms of upscaling process, nobody ever touches Sony from the top. The X1 chip is extremely fast and powerful, giving no chance for other OLED manufacturers to stand up

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