Samsung KS8000 vs KU6300 – (HDR vs 4K) – LED TV – 4K HDR Review


The KS8000 and KU6300 are two great Samsung TVs. This is a Samsung KS8000 review as well as a Samsung KU6300 review. Both of these TVs have 4k resolution (UHD). The KU6300 is often advertised as an HDR TV, but it doesn’t have a wide color gamut and lacks the brightness and contrast needed for the Ultra HD premium certification. The KS8000 is a worthy upgrade to the KU6300. Not only does it have a 10bit panel with a wide color gamut, but it has local dimming and is considerably brighter. The KS8000 won’t compare to an OLED TV, but for the money it’s hard to beat. See the side-by-side comparison in this video and decide for yourself.

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  1. Bought the KU6300.

    I paid 350 bucks for a 40 inch on my computer. Not gonna spend nearly a 1000 for a bit extra colors… What a waste.

  2. That's true that the brightness is a little annoyingly darker especially when watching movies. I'm not really a TV person and play mostly games and its great for gaming

  3. Help!! I've been debating between 55" KS8000 and 65" KU6300 for weeks!! I can get both TVs for about the same price. I can get 60" KS8000 for a little bit more but from what I read online the 60" KS8000 has a different panel and bezel. My viewing distance is about 6 to 7 feet. Which one would you guys recommend? decision decision!! Thank you!!

  4. I bought the 6300 in a 70" model. I only wanted a 4k TV because I wanted a huge TV. a 70" 1080p TV would looks like hot garbage. Even 1080p 60" TV's look pretty bad. I'm very pleased with the TV. looks just like my led/Lcd 42" LG so I'm happy.

  5. The KU6300 also uses 10 bit panel. The HDR difference is due to wide color gamut and brightness. KS8000 has wide color gamut and the peak brightness is over 1000 nits for HDR, while KU6300 does not has wide color gamut and is only 400 nits.

  6. Sorry man, you are just bullshiting about 8 vs 10 bit panels. 😉 The visible difference between the panels you are testing is mostly due to contrast ratio difference. It's higher white point, It's better antireflective coating. As both have a VA panel, the black point is actually about the same. The wider gamut, if properly calibrated, is only visible in very few sources that feature colors in the extreme range shot beyond SRGB. Stills shot with pro cameras in AdobeRGB by example. But then again the subject must feature extreme colors. Now, 8 vs 10 bit, the hardest thing to spot in real footage. In stills you may be able to observe that in blue skies as a bit less gradual blue tone. You can spot it in on a test chart, but in real footage i dear you to do a blind test. And finally, my biggest problem with your review is the fact that you did not properly calibrate the panels. This makes comparing for many types of content useless because you do not have any clue at all how your source material is supposed to look like. I have seen countless so called "high end lcd's" with the most horrible skin tones ever and a level of over saturation that is just ridiculous. The real world is not over saturated ;)That is why calibration is so important is you want to compare panels. Now you are at the mercy of whatever idiotic color presets the manufacturers decide to put in. If you have the opportunity to compare these sets with lets say top plasmas like The panasonic VT60 or the even older Pioneer Kuro you will notice that those old sets have a way more accurate color profile, deeper blacks but they are not 4k and there brightness is considerably less but in many aspects they are still superior.

  7. Really trying to decide between the 6300 and 8000 for my PS4 pro..Best Buy bundles a free Xbox one s with the 6300 which is very tempting considering PS4 can't play 4K dvds..but damn it is a very noticeable difference..they had the tvs side by side in the store..why they bundle the Xbox with the weaker tv is beyond me

  8. I can't afford the KS8000 but I'm hoping to see an improvement from my LG 42LN5700 from 2013 with the UN65KU6500 I just ordered. My only concern is my LG is a 120hz panel where the KU6500 is only a 60hz panel so 24p film may look worse with panning.

  9. I watched this on my new ku6300 55". It's a huge upgrade from my 8-year-old 720p 32", but it's way too big to use as a computer monitor.

  10. Hey Chris, Chris here. First time viewer. Really enjoyed your review, and I'm glad to say that this video helped me out. I was heavily considering purchasing the KU6300 tomorrow but now I've decided to save up for the KS8000. I'll be sure to check out some of your other videos!

  11. I got a KU6920 (functionally identical to the 3000) and am having some trouble calibrating it correctly. My primary use is playing PS4 Pro on it. I'm totally new to HDR and 4K so I don't really understand what I need to do to get the best picture. It has a "Special Viewing Mode" called HDR+ that makes everything super intensely colored, and the PS4 Pro recognizes it as an HDR display. I just can't tell what HDR+ mode is exactly. Is it just pre-configured settings for intense colors, or is it what is enabling HDR? I just want accurate colors to display games and movies as intended by the creators.

  12. Color Depth Show Help
    : 10 Bit
    The Samsung KU6300 can display our gradient test image fairly well. On our test picture, the gradation is smooth overall in the light shades with some small anomalies in the darker shades, especially in the green color. But it should not be an issue in regular content.

    Update 10/26/2016: Our original test was showing 8 bit gradations due to incorrect drivers on our system. After some correction to our test apparatus, we have retested the color depth and found that it is able to display a 10 bit gradient smoothly.

  13. the KS8000 has the SmartThings hub built-in when combined with the Extend dongle. Only problem is that Samsung haven't released it yet. Any word when it will be available? It was supposed to be sent to all owners of series 7,8,9 samung TV's.

  14. will using the ks800 or a ks8500 as a gaming computer monitor be good i mostly play FPS like Doom Cod bf will the input lag be bad ??

  15. Does your ku6300 suffer ghosting while gaming on pc or web browsing? As i have the ku6079 which is the European panel for the ku6300, and when ever i scroll down, text leave a ghosting trail, and issue is also present in games that have night time. The issue is most pronounced in Far cry 4, and metal gear solid v during night. Keep in mind i have the latest update on the tv, and i've already tried gaming, and pc mode on the input settings to eliminate motion plus artifacts.

  16. Note to anyone that may care, the KS8000 has a constant emitting white logo that is on the whole time. If you're someone that is nitpicky about that kind of thing, just know that going in. It's at the bottom center and once you notice it, you can't unsee it.

  17. 3:59 It looks like you might get some pretty bad crushed blacks on the KS8000. The bright scenes look great, but look at all the detail in the scene you're missing as opposed to the KU6300. You can still see the grass and trees at the bottom and even the hillside on the left and row of trees on the right looks clearer. On the KS8000, everything just turns into one big muddy black blur. Maybe it looks better in person, but that image definitely looks better on the KU6300.

  18. this is a strange question hdr v 4k? colour depth v resolution? but I get your point.actually theres a lot more in the 8000 that's better….it has quantum dot technology for one which is amazing and much brighter with better contrast. the 6300 can have judder on some settings. 3d doesn't matter with true hdr, you wont want it:)nice explanation though…especially the mention of composite…..I believe the 8000 has the input box too…which some people dislike..good videocant wait to see the 2017 versions:)

  19. I just got ks 8000. it is an incredible tv. the picture quality is amazing. i exchanged the lg uh7700 for the ks8000 and im glad i did. The back panel is cool its high gloss black and smooth but it dosent feel very sturdy compared to the lg which had this matte carbon fiber look. only grip i have is that. i wish they would have used a thicker plastic back panel. i guess they have to find areas to cut cost to produce an affordable tv with amazing picture quality.

  20. Fantastic review. I actually own the KS8000 and absolutely love it. I am looking at TV's for our new office space (conf room) and wanted to see a direct comparison to see if, in that environment is worth it or not. I have to say that I enjoyed this review and it was extremely helpful. I think I'm going to go with the KS8000 for the office….;-)

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