Samsung Ks8000 SUHD 4k HDR 60″ Tv Review – Black Friday 2016


An in Depth review of The 60″ Samsung KS8000 SUHD 4k Hdr Tv that is on Black Friday special at Best Buy. Feel free you leave any questions and ill try my best to answer!

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  1. Can you report back about the back panel seperation and bottom light bleeding issues? I want to get a KS8000 too but saw those two issues and getting confusing.

  2. Do you notice ghosting or motion blur when playing on your Xbox? I recently returned an LG 55UH6550 that supposedly had "HDR Pro" and 120 refresh rate (might have been artificial) because of of ghosting and all of the colors just looked washed out and dull when playing Black Ops 3 and Battlefield 1. Thanks.

  3. Just picked one up and immediately after I removed it from box noticed the back panel separation people are complaining about
    I'm taking mine back and getting money back

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