Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch: Is it too big?


In a little break from car videos, I take a look at the new Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch to answer the simple question: is it too big?

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  1. I have been wearing mine all day, every day for the past four weeks (even in bed) and no, it is absolutely not too big or too heavy. In fact, I forget I'm even wearing it most of the time. I highly recommend it.

  2. Nice video dude, we just did a couple reviews on our channel as well, check it out. yeah it's a big watch but I like it now

  3. I'm thinking that personally, it's a little small, and I'm 14. It may seem like it's big and oversized, but Samsung did such a good job of adjusting and perfecting the size.

  4. It's HUGE!! But I love it. It feels like a big chunk of metal for the 1st few weeks. No lie. Now I'm used to it. But make no mistake. This is a BIG smart watch. Just my .02. :))

  5. The S2 Classic was the perfect size for me, I got the S3 and returned it as it was too big and a struggle to fit under my shirt cuffs. It's the perfect size if you're into chunky watches, or have thicker wrists, but it wasn't for me, I'm sticking with my S2.

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