Samsung Gear S3 Silicone Watch Bands Review! (HD)


Looking for a comfortable, waterproof sports/fitness watch strap for your Gear S3? Try silicone bands! Eunice from TekUnicorn tries out 6 different silicone watch bands from Moko on both the Gear S3 Frontier & the Classic. These are fantastic value watch bands. It looks great, fits comfortably, is flexible & waterproof, and comes with embedded quick release pins. I use it for showers, working out, and sleeping. My only complaint would be the smell; there’s a bit of silicone/petroleum odor that doesn’t seem to go away (it’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve had these), so if you’re sensitive to smell, this may not be the right option for you.

—Moko Silicone Watch Bands—
6 pack
1) Review unit; Red + army green + midnight blue + white + yellow + barbie pink:
2) Royal blue + black + army green + walnut + red + purple :

Single pack
1) Blue:
2) Green:
3) Coffee:
4) Red:
5) White:
6) Dark Blue:
7) Midnight Blue:
8) Gray:
9) Orange:
10) Army Green:
11) Mint Green:
12) Royal Blue:
13) Yellow:
14) Walnut:
15) Barbie Pink:
16) Purple:

***All of these Moko watch bands come with lifetime warranty!

—Samsung Gear S3—

Skip to the color you want to see:
2:24 White
3:01 Red
3:36 Army Green
4:14 Yellow
4:49 Midnight Blue
5:35 Barbie Pink

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Audio Credit: “Chicago” – Joe Bagale

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  1. Nice video. Green, blue and red for me. Will give the white, pink and yellow to my wifes sister for her S3 Classic. They do look good!

  2. Where could you get silicone bands but they are small ?? As the second band that brings the box comes the s3 gear because the ones I see are universal.

  3. When you first received the Frontier did you swap the large watch strap with the small? I ask because I'm trying to see determine how far around these bands will come on me. My wrists are quite 6" and I have the small band on using the second to last hole. The reason I stopped using my Polar A300 was because the strap was so freakin' long on me and it annoyed me. lol I just picked this up today after watching your videos showing how a girl could wear!

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