Samsung Gear S3 Review #1


***Apologies for the lack of focus***

This is a review of the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch. I’ve only had the watch for 48 hours but wanted to get a review uploaded quickly.

One important thing that I forgot to mention in the video is that after wearing the watch for a full day yesterday there was only 15% battery left when I went to bed. This is a lot less than the 4-days mentioned by Samsung! I didn’t use the watch particularly heavily, in my opinion, as I was working. I did monitor my heart rate a few times and look at various notifications.

As I mention in the video I need to get used to using it in the gym. I need to become more familiar with the interface and perhaps configure it for my specific needs.

I’m no video producer and I don’t have the best filming kit but I hope you find the information useful nonetheless.

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  1. Hi. Nice review.
    I'm interested to hear more about fitness aspect of this watch.

    One thing more…can u stream spotify trough watch so u can use bt earphones connected to watch and listen to spotify?
    Like if u r in gym and could connet watch to gyms own wlan…

  2. Thanks for the review! Any idea if this watch will work properly with a non Samsung android device (Nexus 6p)? Will it sync text, emails, whatsapp and calls properly?

  3. Is the wireless charger compatible for the s2 as well? Can I use my s2 charger for this s3? it would be nice to have them interchangeable. Also can you use Samsung pay directly off the watch even if it's connected to a non-Samsung phone? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. question: if I use both gear s3 frontier and gear fit 2, can I somehow sync them to the same s health and aggregate the total calories, steps, etc? I'm planning to use gear s3 for everyday, but gear fit 2 for workout, as I dont want to scratch my s3 against dumbells and others. Please let me know!

  5. what a crap review,heres a little tip for you,if your gonna review something figure out how it works first,complete waste of time

  6. the sleep function is already there, just activate it on your phone in health and then just sleep whilst wearing the watch, works great and gives some good info plus seems very accurate.

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