Samsung Gear S3 Frontier – Unboxing & First Look! (4K)


My first ever smart watch! Samsung Gear S3 Frontier unboxing and first look.

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  1. $350 bucks for a gadget you don't need. With needing to pair it to your phone, why have it when your phone has everything the watch does and more and you have your phone on you anyway? I understand people like their gadgets but come on now, this is just wasted money!

  2. I like Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 way better than Apple watch ik people love Apple watch really suck there dump apps that u don know

  3. you are awesome and watching a pakistani guy in competition to some other youtubers" i m feeling proud for you"

    you are awesome you know.
    peace out!

  4. Самсунг красавчики. Запилили на русском языке часы. Молодцы. Сижу и ржу как конь.

  5. Hey xeeth
    can u help me here
    i want to buy a blackberry which isnt officially launched in Pakistan so i need to buy one
    i saw ur video u were unboxing the apples new wireless headphones so could u help me
    from where can i buy one
    what site
    whats the method

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