Samsung Gear S3 Frontier T-Mobile Review & Give Away


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  1. Thanks for the quick review. I had a Zenwatch 3 but returned it because of the strap and battery life. The Gear S3 would be my next choice.
    Can you use S voice for sending messages with Line, Whatsapp, etc? And how is GPS navigation?

  2. This looks like a great smartwatch to use for tracking fitness. i currently use a MiO Fuse and want to get something with more functionality but still has decent battery life (~3 days)

  3. Good review I heared all the information I needed! I hope I win because it will make my collection complete! I allready have the S7 and Gear VR but still need that awesome smartwatch!

  4. This smartwacht definetly is the best looking on the market! I don`t like the model of apple and other square designs because that doesn`t look like a watch at all. If you don`t use the smartwatch functions and the always on screen is on it looks like a awesome designed normal watch! And I`d like to join the giveaway!

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