Samsung Gear S3 Classic After living with it for 24hrs


Have a look at how I’m getting on 24 hrs later 🙂

If you’ve not already seen the delivery, watch (pun?) that first.

Remember, I’m not a professional blogger or reviewer, just an average consumer, so forgive the video / audio 🙂

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  1. Very jealous! Still waiting for this to become available at the place I've pre-ordered it.

    One quick question – the bezel doesnt click, but is there a bit of resistance on it? Can you imagine the bezel rotating easily IE in the sleeve of a shirt perhaps?

    thanks for the vid!

  2. one question i have, can you verify that the watch face and seconds are constantly updating? One frustrating "Feature" of the Garmin Fenix 3 HR is it has a low power and high power mode. So in high power, the seconds update, but after about 5 seconds, the watch face goes into "low power" mode, where the time only gets updated once a minute. This is very frustrating if you need to keep track of seconds. So I'm curious does the watch face always appear as a normal watch, with the seconds always updating , or does it also have a low power mode where the seconds won't update. Thanks

  3. One other question, how much memory is available for installing apps and watch faces? What do you see as the limit for how much you can install on it? Another frustrating thing with the Garmin Fenix 3 HR is the limited amount of memory it has. After installing about 10 watch faces or apps on the Fenix 3 you run out of memory.

  4. Would really like to know how the GPS performs during a run using Bluetooth headphones while playing music.
    I've had issues in the past with this using Moto 360 sport & Sony SW3

  5. Hi. How 'bout Spotify…have u tried that allready?And if so does it work as a standalone in watch or does it stream music from phone?
    Could it be possible to use it when watch is connected to wlan and not to phone at all?

  6. Update: (Reply from Samsung on Pay)

    • Here is the answer to your enquiry.
    Dear Tony,

    Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

    From your inquiry I understand that you wish to use Samsung Pay on your device, but you are unable to.

    I would warmly inform you that the Samsung Pay service is not yet available in your region, but it is on it's way. We are currently making the arrangements to release Samsung Pay in more regions, yours being one of them (UK). ??

  7. Im getting the Gear S3 classic soon. please i need to know if this watch makes phone calls and reply to a text message? if so how does that work? through wifi or bluetooth? Or you can only view them.
    please let me know thanks.

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