Samsung Galaxy Tab Contract – Most Amazing Tablet in the Whole Galaxy


Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is the new Android super technology released by Samsung, the Tab is available with all the major networks including retailers like o2,vodafone,orange and is available throughout the UK. The Samsung Tab doesn’t come cheap and is priced higher than the iPad, but with the features and the capability to double in to a phone makes the price comparatively relevant in the context. At around £499, the Tab is on the higher side of being priced by the networks.

The Tab is a true tablet, and needs to have internet connectivity for browsing through the pages with ease, the deals which include free browsing upto 1GB are ideal for the customers. The value pack deals mainly come without free minutes or texts, opting for data browsing options could end up the user with higher bills on their call rates.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Contract offered by these networks, o2, Vodafone, orange, Three are the best in the industry, the prices offered are as follows on various networks:


For £15 a month, monthly contract, the Samsung galaxy Tab three is available for £500 and offers 100 network minutes free, 2000 Three to Three minutes free, 3000 texts and 1GB of data. Other deals cover the Tab for £99 with a Two-year contract and 5GB data per month free and the monthly charge will amount to £40. As the monthly charges reduce, the cost of the Tab increases, for example for the same contract as above, the cost of the Tab increases to £199 with the monthly charge reducing to £35, Tab price goes up to £299 for a monthly charge of just £30, the least monthly charge is £25 and the Tab is available for £399 with this deal.

With a two-year contract and a monthly charge of £40 and added benefits like, 5GB per month plus 250 texts, the Tab is available for £99.99.

There are many such deals with the network for the Tab, which the user can choose from and buy as per his convenience.


The Galaxy Tab is available with T mobile on pay as you go deals and with these deals the user can avail T-mobile’s pay-per-day mobile broadband. Many options are available for the user to chose from, with a charging done on daily, weekly and monthly basis, the cost for one day is £2,  for a week is £7 and 30 days will cost the user£15. The daily rate will allow you 500mb of data browsing, while the weekly plans give the user 1GB worth free data browsing and the monthly 2GB.  The cost for the Tab is such deals is £529.

There are many other deals in the market by many other networks which are suitable for the users demands.

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