Samsung Galaxy S8 FINAL Specs & Features Leak!


Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus FINAL Specs & Feature Leaks! Speed, Cameras, Release Date, Display & Rumor Roundup + Sources!

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  1. im just wondering why the rear camera went down im on my s6 edge with a 16mp rear camera why have they gone to 12mp rear camera

  2. iphone users just focus on a stupid single phonss when there are manh better phones just because its American doesnt mean you have gk buy it…. look at Samsung look at htc

  3. everythingapplepro what phone do you think is better s8 or iphone 8 not which brand u like more but you honest opinion can people answer this not sure whether to wait or no like i like apple as a brand but i think samsung might be netter as a phone

  4. Not upgrading from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 or even 6s. I'm switching to S8. Tired of Apple's stagnation in their willingness to be creative and what not.

  5. The images in your video are great. You should have more time in the videos focusing on the pictures and not as much of just your face talking. Good video.

  6. It's like telling a kid not to get the cookies from the cookie jar… Guess whats going to happen now. "hey but what would happen if I grip the phone to hard.. Will it blow up" lol

  7. Hello anyone who wishs to cause destruction and if your ISIS I can load you up! With my high quality note 7 explosives.

  8. can't wait for the final form galaxy android sX it comes with infinite forever battery life it wont die at all ūüėÄ nanonite processor faster than alien ware processor can't wait!!!! ūüėÄ LOL im jk guys but it could happen

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