Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge PLUS RETURNS!!!


Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE PLUS! might just be the saviour we need. Also more Samsung Galaxy NOTE 8 conformance in sight as the mystery model no SM-N950 came up.


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  1. I was using the s7 edge but shifted to iphone 7plus but i thought that s7 edge had more features so i hope s8 will bring up samsung i will surely switch to s8

  2. I returned my note 7 yesterday after serious back and forth for an s7 EDGE worst mistake .. IMO the only that can replace the note 7 is a note 8 despite the misfortune with the fortune its still an amazing phone.. but guess we'll have to wait to see the final outcome of the product when its release , but there's no doubt in my mind Samsung won't recover .. They're about 2 millions consumers still holding on to the phone so goes to show you lots of folks are still loyal to the Note brand I know I'm one of them…

  3. Bezeless isn't coming to the S8. Probably will for the iPhone 8 though. Only way it'll come to the S8 is if they delay its release until late 2017

  4. PLEASE DO A Huawei P9 Lite vs Samsung S5 videi!!! or just reply to my commsnt please. I can't decide whether to keep my s5 or get a P9 lite. Please help!!!

  5. I think that, regardless of the bezel-less display, a 6.2 inch phone is overkill. It's going to resemble a Galaxy Mega, which were huge-ass phones and I don't remember them selling that much. A 5.7 inch display, in my opinion, is the limit for one handed usability, for people with big hands. I doubt that there are many people out there who could use a 6.2 inch phone singlehandedly. If they make it like the S6 Edge+, which I own and love, then I believe the phone will sell like warm bread.

  6. Having the s6 edge plus I wanted the note 7 and was ready to swap when the whole battery issues came up. I guess I'll wait for that s8 edge plus.

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