Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Official Android 7.0 Beta – Review


Full Review of Official Android 7.0 Nougat Beta Touchwiz update for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!

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  1. Really like this new UI. Very clean and simple. Only thing that's holding me back on going back to android (more particularly with samsung) is the slow software update though there's no argument that 6.0 is fluid. I still like my iphone with fast updates and consistency throughout the OS but it just feel so dated and repetitive sometimes lol

  2. Got 7.0 beta on my S7 Edge through Sprint and it is amazing. Much smoother and more organized. Can't wait for the official release and here is hoping we get 7.1 upon release of Nougat.

  3. is there anyway I can put all the apps back in folders in the app drae without doing in manually and also did they not include galaxy labs in noughat

  4. I can't believe how they added a warning to go full brightness. Who do they think we are? Idiots. It's bad enough that we have to get a warning whenever I want to put my volume over 60%. Literally the most annoying thing I've ever experienced

  5. I hope Samsung doesn't mess up with the battery life like every other smartphone with every new update. It is the only thing i worry about while updating.

  6. Ivan Li I had to go to Galaxy Apps and download the beta program then register for it. I love it. Can't wait for the official release.

  7. First, Samsung warns us whenever we want our volume to go over 60%. Now they're warning us when we go full brightness. What's next, warning us whenever we touch the fucking screen? We're not two years old, Sammy.

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