Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge vs Samsung Galaxy J7 (Comparison) (Boost Mobile)


Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge vs Samsung Galaxy J7 (Comparison) (Boost Mobile)

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  1. J3 Emerge is more optimized. it also runs the more smoother Grace UI from the note 7. I like the design of the j3 Emerge. it's different. The camera's on the j3 Emerge is smaller in megapixels but it still takes good picture. the display on j3 Emerge is nice and crisp, Samsung nailed it on this TFT display unlike LG. I've never liked the oversaturated AMOLED displays. 80$ well spent.

  2. I have both phone and if you go online find full spec lists yes j7 is 1.36ghz big cores 994mhz little cores and emerge is 1.4ghz even. the online specs I found shows newwer faster storage newer faster ram better wifi in addition to what cpuz shows.

  3. Thx…i just got the j3 emerge today and love it. I didn't want the j7 because it's way too big for my small hands. I know the j7 has a better camera but the j3 works well. It is a step up from the old LG I had for 3yrs…lol I tend to hold on to my phones….lol I got my j3 for $60…not bad after I added a memory card and phone case, with tax it came to about $87…works well for my budget. Also, if something better comes out I won't feel bad if I choose to upgrade since $60 wasn't that much to spend. Get the j3, u won't be disappointed:) if u have extRa and like a bigger phone then get the j7

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