Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge Gaming Review!


Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge on January 6th, 2017 and in this video we do a Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge Gaming Review video with the intentions of giving you a look at the gaming performance of the device if that is what interests you. The Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge is a boost mobile smartphone that is also available on sprint and virgin mobile. As we prep for the full review of the Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge, please share your thoughts or anything else that you would like to see covered below in the comment section of this video. Thank you for watching subscribe for more videos and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

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  1. Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge Gaming Review, in this video we test the gaming performance of gaming on the J3 emerge with the intentions to help you learn the performance if you were thinking about gaming with the J3 emerge, share your thoughts, experiences and feedback with the community below and enjoy 🙂

  2. Nick I was looking for your review of the Samsung Emerge but I can't find it. I bought 2 J7's with the same problem, no sound with texting, should I take a chance on a third J7 or go with the emerge?

  3. I've used this phone for a few days now. it's a really nice phone for the price, 80$ from Walmart. I was surprised by both camera's on this phone also. For a 2MP front and 5MP back. It takes really good photos. The 5MP back camera has a 1.9 aperture which allows for decent photos, letting more light into the camera lens. The build is nice. The front panel has sorta a 2.5 Arch 3D glass. it's not AMOLED screen but the screen is still nice, clear and crisp. I really don't like the over saturated colors of AMOLED screens. The buttons are clicky, It feels good in the hand. The speaker is OK, not too low and great location being on the side. The grace UI from the note 7 that Samsung put on this phone runs very smooth. 1.5 GB of RAM is more than enough if you don't use tons of apps. All apps run smooth. It has 10GB of storage available for the user. I've played all high graphic video games on this phone. NBA 2K, Asphalt etc.. and it runs fine, not perfect but playable. Battery life is good, call quality is excellent. You can't beat this phone for the price. Great buy in my opinion.

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