Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016) vs OnePlus 3 – Speed Test! (4K)


Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016) vs OnePlus 3 Speed Test.

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  1. dat one plus 3 looking dull …a8 looking good with software to….geez dat icons on 1+3 if u show dat to someone they will definitely will not buy 1+3

  2. The s820 it's a very bad processor the 7420 on the s6 was way better than the 810. The 820 is just "good" on the benchmarks.

  3. There is a misleading comment in the video. The top of the range Snapdragon of 2016 is not the 820, it is the 821. Also, there are newer generation 820 released after the One Plus 3 became available, where they sorted out the overheating. Still, the 7420 is impressive, I give Samsung that. Also, A8, looking beautiful and good review.

  4. Wow, the exynos 7420 is my favourite processor of all time and this is proof, with the galaxy having half the ram, heavier software and the processor being nearly 2 years old now

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