Review Of The Samsung UE40B7000 TV


Is The Samsung UE40B7000 Worth Considering?

If you are looking for a good television set, then the Samsung UE40B7000 is worth a look. It has consistently been given top ratings by reviewers and owners, and is one of the best of the mid range sets you can buy. It is contemporary in styling, and is done in a platinum black color. While the looks of the electronics are all on par with each other, this one features a clear stem to the stand, making it stand out slightly among everything else, and giving it a more unique look.

This is a next generation of LCD sets, where the back light is placed around the edges of the screen. Marketed as LED sets, they have designed these to make the set clearer and brighter. By doing this, the set is super slim, and only about 1 inch wide. One of the drawbacks top this is the brightness is not really all that noticeable, and those that own plasmas will notice it is roughly the same.

This HD set displays 1080p, and comes with 4 HDMI slots, unusual for a set this thin. There are also a Scart and USB ports as well as digital audio and Ethernet. The Free view does allow you to watch the set with no further equipment necessary, and you can watch this in HD as well.

The set is helped with high action scenes with the Motion plus technology, which allows you to always see what is happening on the screen. The Mega Contrast gives a deep, rich black, but on very dark scenes, the edge back lights distort this somewhat, with the edges showing some of the brightness through it.

With these problems it is easy to assume the Samsung UE40B7000 is not a particularly good set. This is a wrong assumption since the picture you see if very exceptional and the colors are very vibrant and many of the problems can be adjusted on your own. The brightness is not a hindrance, unless you are watching it in a very bright room, the same limitations as a plasma set.

The extras this set has offer internet browsing and one of the best is the Yahoo widget. You can get updates on weather and sport, and this can make your set interactive, especially when you access other internet content. You can also connect it to a computer and use the set to watch content from there, and the USB ports allow you to add removable media for viewing as well.

The only problem with this set is the audio. It is slightly too thin to provide great sound, although the speakers do not distort until up very loud. If you want the full cinematic great sound, although the speakers do not distort until up very loud. If you want he full cinematic experience, then you will need to get an external audio system.

The Samsung UE40B7000 does use less energy to run it. On average, it uses between 100 and 130 W of power, which is considerably less then competitors and this will definitely save you money running it. Over all the quality of the set is excellent from picture and value, and the few minor problems with dimness should be overlooked for all the great extras and additional features you get at this price point.

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