R4 Revolution


The R4 cards are also known as flashcart Revolution or R4DS. The new r4 revolution card or flashcart have flooded the market recently. The new r4 revolution fits into the slot-1 of NDS platform. For all Plug ‘n’ Play games, the R4 cards can be used . There is no need for any backup or patching operations in r4 revolution cards. The system files should be transferred to the TransFlash microSD cards for playing the games with R4 functionality. The R4 revolution for DS or r4 is a slot -1 solution because of which has made Micro SD card as a primary base for storing all its important datas like ROMs, music , and OS files etc. R4 DS or r4 card appears like small package just as R4 DS card. The package of R4DS card carries various items which leds R4 to move quickly.

With the popularity of the R4 Revolution cards rising rapidly, it has become a regular add-on for Nintendo DS platform. It is above 50% gamers who are in search for a SLOT-1 tool opting for the R4 ds cards. The best thing is that R4 ds is compatible with the regular version and the lite variant of all Nintendo DS platforms.

You absolutly need a Micro Sd card to hold games, homebrew, etc. The micro SD is plugged into the top of the R4 card to store all of its data, but is not included with the R4. The latest version of the R4 can support Micro Sd cards upto 2GB in size. High density Micro SD cards (2GB>) are not supported. Most DS games range from 32MB to 64MB (with a few 16MB and 128MB games) in size. If you have a 1GB card than its enough.

To load files onto the micro SD you need a way to connect it to your computer. The R4 comes with a USB micro SD reader, which will work on any recent computer, so you don’t need to buy anything extra to load files onto the micro SD card. The R4 will not certainly play GBA games (it will play NES, SNES, GBC, and other systems but there will be differences in quality with emulators). The problem has to do with how the GBA hardware in the DS reads GBA roms. To play GBA games, you’ll need some sort of Slot-2 flash card. I recomend the EZ Flash 3-in-1 card for this.

The R4 firmware must be updated from time-to-time. Kernel upgrades and patches comes in the firmware updates. Many reported problems with the R4 software are solved with these R4 kernel updates.

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