R4 ds games


Presently, R4 DS are used for playing homebrew games along with commercial nintendo ds games. And these commercial r4 ds games are known as nintendo ds roms. One can avail them from different sites .

Branded companies are producing exciting video games of R4 and R4 Dsi right now. And the current one is R4 DS games. Introduction of flash cartridge technology has made it possible which is in high demand at present. All these things are handled by Nintendo Dsi games only. R4 series don’t have any member unlike R4i adapter. DS R4 is highly famous carrying the capacity of 2 GB. Ease usability , size and features are making R4 card very unique in the market. R4 device act as the total solution for all Nintendo Dsi gamers. R4 card act as a best adapter as it enhances one’s games. So R4 is a small device which should be there with all Nintendo device owners as it makes possible for watching movies, listening music, and reading ebooks etc.

Along with all its qualities, it is important for consumers to know that for using R4 version 2 one should have micro SD or micro SDHC card. One should purchase Micro SD card with high capacity to make out good results from one’s R4 cards. Seeing one’s usage one can prefer to buy R4 card version 4 adaptor which has 4 GB memory permitting to delete or adding more files for future benefit.

When the customer purchases R4 cards from online shops at that time they also get trial period for the product and if in case found default then it can be refunded to them. Further one can take assistance from these stores regarding the products for putting the view of product correctly in the market .

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