Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox


Angry father sets fire to kid’s Xbox then destroys it.
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  1. Bringing in the new year watching Mcjuggernuggets. why? because I'm bored asf and I can watch watever the hell I want. LMAO.

  2. man why is it that there's a brother recording that acts like a good brother, or stands by, and there's a brother who is the star and…well, you know. First this channel and "wafflepwn"…. man, i wish i had asked for a camcorder. i like making videos

  3. theres nothing psychotic about this. the father demands respect, and his son failed to do so. this is something western don't understand

  4. Lokir- Why are we stopping?
    Rolof- What do you think? End of the line.

    The quotes marched perfectly with his dad coming in the backround lol

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