PS4 vs. Xbox One: Year Two


TechRadar’s Nick Pino and GamesRadar’s Max McGee revisit the never-ending title bout between PS4 and Xbox One. We’re quickly approaching Year (or round) Two, and a lot has changed. Ready … fight!

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  1. People debating on which console is better…….after they buy it.Stop debating!Its not your right to tell people which one to buy.After you buy the console,why you need to watch the comparison?

  2. Xbox One has way too many bugs. The ps4 and xbox one are competing against each other and xbox one isn't taking the time to fix things.

  3. I switched from ps4 too Xbox it's an upgrade most of the people who are gonna choose ps4 will get tired of it and get a Xbox one the game variety for ps4 suckss

  4. I like Xbox one I have one and I hate that you have to download the game when you put the disk in that's my problem it takes forever

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