PS4 vs Xbox One Episode 3: Graphics


Xbox One vs PS4: what’s the fastest game console?
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For episode 3 of the PS4 vs Xbox One comparison I take a look at performance. With both consoles being powered by AMD APUs with 8 core CPUs, 8GB of memory and Radeon graphics how do the consoles match up in graphics and gameplay?


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  1. Am I the only one who as the wii u and PC and doesn't give a shit about the other consoles?

  2. hello austin u r one of the most popular guy on youtube. You do nice videos. I want to ask you a question that can you send me a ps4 in india either it is refurbished, hardly used, rarely used. I am good with it. So please reply if you can do this favor for And complete my wish of playing a ps4. I will be very glad for that. Thanku

  3. Well graphic wise, it is really similar but ps4 wins. i have both xbox and ps4. When i use the voice thing on xbox 1 hand of the time it doesn't respond.

  4. no ps4 won man it won 3 times in a row I watched them asshole your just jealous that the ps4 will take the crown and your sitty xbox will lose and get chainsawed to peices MUAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. Even if PC runs games better, Im still happy with my PS4, reason…well I don't care about graphics or 30 frames…the most important thing for me is to play and enjoy, that's all!

  6. graphics on xbox one and ps4 are exactly the same. i don't get all this compare shit, if you can't notice it it's not worth mentioning. Just buy whichever one has more interesting games to you. None have just "bad" exclusives fuck off. Xbox has shitty games as well as ps4, for instance, quantum break, the order, halo 5, killzone. and they have badass exlusives like forza and the last of us. It's all opinions, the corporations just want everyone to fight for their opinions rather than respect them.

  7. I honestly don't care about any of all this crap besides the controllers. o chose the xbox one, because the controller is just falwless.

    controller is what you use basically 100% of the time. don't care about the rest. happy with the controller, and I have fun playing the games. console wars are so pointless.

  8. the xbox one is by no means a sexy beast, but at least I get whatthe design is supposed to be. exactly why did they choose the ps4 to look like that? I don't get it.

  9. Ps4 will obviously win, all my friends say they had a Xbox first but then there mums got them a Ps4, they were not very impressed at first, but then they end up saying Ps4 is better…. im just saying I have actual proof that Ps4 is btter. And im also saying Xbox users just say that Xbox is better, but they have not experienced the full gaming experience on a Ps4.

  10. The thing I don't quite get is why wouldn't both companies just put like an i3 processor and a gtx 950 gpu inside of their consoles? They would be way more "future proof", and the performance could be way better, since games would still be optimized for consoles.

  11. it will be funny if ps3 uses ddr4 and Xbox uses ddr3 which is used in most macs and is very cheap

  12. xbox one sucks .. slow to download and gets heated really fast too. what is that thing called tho. the brick lookin thingy that plugs from the wall to the system. that shit gets heated really fast too. and it feels like it's gonna blow..

    (wtf did I jus smoke tho. I'm trippin)

  13. I love PS4 and thinks it's better but my uncle ordered an Xbox one s for me (it had 2 tb of space and came with gears of war 4) and he gave a choice PS4 or Xbox one and I chose Xbox one s cause all my friends have Xbox ones

  14. XB1 sucks, always heated, graphic not too bad and the console looks like fat ass bitch. Compared to PS4, slim and has big gaming experience(curvy ass)

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