PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S Comparison on KS8000 TV (Ep. 4)


Comparing the Xbox One S vs PR4 Pro!
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PS4 Pro:
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Label Maker: input lag tests:
Reddit thread on KS8000, PSVR & HDR:

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  1. I love a lot of the exclusives more so for PS than Xbox but the one main thing that keeps me playing the Xbox much more is the controller. I just cannot get used to the PS controllers. My hands are big and my thumbs always touch when I move the joysticks towards each other and my hands start to cramp after about 30 minutes of gaming where as on the Xbox I could play with the controller for hours and wouldn't have a problem.

  2. Well Executed Title for the PRO showing the real hardware potential of PRO when developers patch the titles well and alter their codes to squeeze the extra capabilities from the PRO to attain a solid experience. – More to come , especially upcoming SONY Exclusives. Sweet Spot of the Pro is 1440p , However 2160p = ~ 1.15 1800p which is a vast improvement on 4 x 1080p. Very capable machine for 400 USD. Note Iam a Computer Gamer Enthusiast But I got the Pro along with a Samsung KU 7000 55 inch (Very decent price for this TV Features including HDR , acceptong a 10 bit Signal , HDR Gaming mode , and very solid low input lag on 4k 60 hz HDR. Let us Enjoy some HDR / 4K Awesomeness. #Period

  3. wow only 32k the quality of this content is AMAZING so crispy if there was no sub bar on this page I would have guessed you would have at least 500k keep up the great work DailyTekk!

  4. I love my PSVR! The pro, however, was a mistake to buy. It just doesn't play nice with the VR in combination with HDR content. What solution did you come up with for the 4k HDR issue with the VR inline? Swapping cables is a BAD idea for a long term solution. I think you really need to stress that factor to would-be consumers of the pro. That's a serious issue that in having to deal with now.

  5. something everyone should know if choosing 500gb xbox one s like i did. idk about the ps4 but every single hard disk copy u buy has to be fully installed to the hard drive. each game can be 45-50gb which means unless you upgrade to a 1 or 2tb you wont be playing more than 6-7 games. i didnt find this out until i bought it

  6. Nice comparison, but you forgot one of the biggest purchase some points between the two. Backwards compatibility! PS4 expects you to pay a monthly fee to rent the games that you have already purchased. Case closed! S wins.

  7. those are literally the only decent xboxone exclusives. ps4 beats them there too because pound for pound there is no comparison gamewise.

  8. I did my own comparison with the Modern Warfare Remaster (a game I happen to have for both consoles). I have both consoles running on a 4k HDMI switch to the same HDMI port on my 4K TV. I went to the same part of the Charles Don't Surf campaign level and began switching from my PS4 Pro to my Xbox One S. I could see the difference right away. The PS4 Pro was more crisp and displayed less jagged edges. I like both my consoles equally, but u have to give the PS4 Pro it's due for the extra power it's packing under the hood.

  9. He said that with the Xbox one s you don't have to buy an extra blu ray player but the ps4 also has a built in blu Ray player

  10. The main lighting is bad but during the showcasing , I would really love to say your comparison is the best I have ever seen . Best background and super clean and shiny consoles . Great Job dude ! Would love to see more in the future :3

  11. Never understood the need for a UHD blu ray drive, or a blu ray drive in general. Had blu ray capabilities in my home for almost a decade now, and I own literally 6 blu ray disks. Everything is streamed now, and as long as you have solid internet, you can't tell the difference between disk and stream.

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