PS4 Pro Specs – The Tech Explained


PlayStation 4’s tech specs explained!

We take a look at the processing power of the new PS4 Pro to see what’s changed from the standard PS4, and what this will mean for 4K and HDR gaming and other entertainment services.

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  1. So the original ps4 couldn't run most games at 1080 60 fps. Is this new ps4 Pro going going to guarantee all new releases at 4k with a minimum of 30fps or will they have to cut back the resolution like they did with the previous console? (Referring to the resolution cut back from 1080 to 900)

  2. Ps4 Pro 350. 4k HDR television roughly about 500 at least (bearing in mind there is no standard for HDR yet across all TV's). Looks good however is the upgrade worth 850 if you don't already have a HDR 4k compatible tv ? Wait for the next gen or jump on PC. The difference will be much more worth it in my opinion.

  3. HDR will be available via software update for normal PS4 as well. so the only change is the 4K for whoever owns a 4K display.

  4. Explain how a 32bit float can be split into two 16bit floats so that from 4.2 teraflops can be turned into 8.4 teraflops ?.

  5. An important question….does it have a universal power supply as I am buying it from US and would be using it in india

  6. From teraflops to PS4 Pro Flops lolz. I wonder what sony did with overheat issues of this console. All launch edition of consoles by Sony sucks

  7. Just bought a ps4 pro… Started with 2160 in my hdmi 4k port…. But after the initial update it's back to 1080p and I had to switch hdmi ports? Why? Now it's back to 1080p

  8. I had the original ps4 and got rid of it sometime ago
    I'm getting another pay day I'm torn between the slim and the pro. since I work at walmart I get a discount so it'll be 350ish for the pro I might as well end up Goin with that paying 50 bucks more to upgrade to something that has more power and memory. what do yall think honestly?

  9. I didn't buy a ps4 for the "amazing" graphics that's what I have a PC for. Just got it for playing exclusive titles I couldn't play on pc, like last of us and uncharted. I don't mind the graphics much on the original ps4 they look just fine.

  10. i need some advice guys.
    i don't have have a 4k tv but its has 1080p screen.
    will it be worthy if i buy the ps4 pro or just the standard one ?? thnx

  11. Thank you for explaining , I now have a clear insight on what to expect!, Personally I don't see the point in anyone getting a ps4 pro, unless you are a graphics whore like me then you will get one haha It's just all it is is a slight adjusment in graphics and if you watch comparisons on graphics between the ps4 and ps4 pro, their isn't much difference at all, plus you would need to spend more money on buying a 4k tv but if you can afford it, then buy all means, get one, lol.

  12. Also what I don't think they mention is that some to most of the games that will run on pro will have a choice between 4k/30fps and 1080p/60fps.

  13. I thought we'd all come to the reasonable conclusion truth that the ps4 pro cannot do 4k and in actual fact uses (admittedly very clever tricks that give great results) tricks while not producing actual 4k?

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