PS4 Controller Repair, Charging port fix, battery replacement. Complete Tear down.


You can find NEW controllers on Amazon:
Let me know if this link stops working.

Get yo’self some tools. You’ll need them eventually anyway:

Rumor has it that PS3 batteries work in the PS4 controller:

Replacement JOYSTICKS can be found here:


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This video shows exactly how to tear down the NEW PS4 controller. They’ve called it the DualShock 4. After use, the battery may stop working, or the charging port might become damaged. Instead of buying a new PlayStation 4 controller it might be worth fixing the old one. This video will show you exactly how. If you need specific replacement parts that I dont have listed, leave a comment below and Ill find it for you.

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  1. Missing how you have removed the small cable from the main board @ 3:11 on the video.

    Before the cut it's connected and at 3:11 it is away – so you don't show this action on the video. Finally I can't removed the main board.

    How should I remove id carefully? thanks

  2. can you make a fix video for controllers that only work when wired to the charger the ps button doesnt do anything when not plugged up resetting the controller doesn't work either

  3. i've literally had it with ps4 controllers breaking down on me too many times for no apparent reason.Been loyal to sony, but may have to take the leap to xbox and try them out because of this ..

  4. Great Video Jerry, Thank you – I need to try and put a new charging port into my sons controller and this video will help me

  5. I was cleaning it did as you did, but after putting together i found a loop metal spring, would that be off one of back buttons? only found one

  6. dropped mines info water now the light won't work and controller moves on its on now can you goes help me with some tips if you have any?

  7. Ok so before I watched this I took my controller apart and when I did I unplugged the white ribbon thing and connects it back when and put it back together and now my controller won't charger and the light bar won't come on but the controller will still control the PS4. Help anyone?

  8. But if even one of those springs pops off from the right or left bumpers, you are in a world of hurt.

    Update: I found that pinching the ends of said spring together prior to inserting the spring is required. No tweezers needed. Thanks for the vid!

  9. i got one issue.. my ps4 controller just stoped working. it dosnt charge. it dosent work. no light turns on what so ever. i tried the reset butten i tryed everything. it wont turn on no matter that i do. dose anyone have the same issue? need help.

  10. Can you remove the battery completely from the PS4 controller & only use it wired & will it still function correctly with only a USB cable plugged into the controller?

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