PS4 Blue Light of Death – APU reball from begin to end (44 minutes)


In this video we show you how we do BLOD repairs.

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  1. what can cause a continuous blue light I have tried swapping the HDD just in case it might have been that & nothing.My console is a launch 500gb model with a 2TB HDD installed so its not even 3 years old yet its just a coincedence that it packed up after updating to software 4.00 & a day before the release of the PS4 Slim.I have emailed Playstation to see how much it would be to repair it but they havent got back to me yet & I am not phoning them as its not a freephone number its an 02 number & it could be upto 12p a minute & they can piss off.

  2. Also why cant they just insert the console processerschips like they do in PCs in a socket with a latch it has worked fine for PCs this many years the only difference is you cant get into the console so if it breaks or something goes wrong they just take the heat sink off release the latch replace the chip job done send it on its way.Also they are less likely to come away from the motherboards from the heat.

  3. i was really hoping that doing this would fix it but i have a black ops 3 1 tarabite and all the internals are different

  4. What, no flux? Using tape only when you are cleaning the PCB with a regular soldering iron instead of full tape whenever you use hot air?

  5. As an Engineer, I find it completely absurd that a popular piece of home electronics needs to have it's APU re-soldered to the board every once in a while. And the problem is soooo common that a whole industry (specialty re-balling tools) has sprung up because of it. Usually when I'm desoldering components it's to replace them because they're fried. Taking a chip off a board and putting it back on seems so strange to me. That's just piss poor engineering. I swear Sony did it on purpose so PS4s commit suicide after warranty and you have to buy a new one. Our PS4 just crapped out last night, I'm on here looking for ideas. Sweet setup and nice work! Thumbs Up!

  6. this is completely pointless, its still going to break anyway sooner or later, are you going to go trough all this mess again when its going to break? i would just buy a new one and not worry that i will have to repair it every month! But bro, still RESPECT, you've done a huge work!

  7. hi ProConsole, excellent video, thanks for sharing. May I ask you the brand/model of the soldering station you're using? Thank you!

  8. Nice Job……question: How to specify the solder balls and where to buy it? Coud you specify us the tempetures for each step and the characteritic of the spray and thermal grease?….specification for the support Frame…where to buy it?…Thanks in advance….

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