PS4 Battlefield 4 (BF4) 64 PLAYERS!! Multiplayer Gameplay – NEXT GEN GRAPHICS BATTLEFIELD


Battlefield 4 PS4 64 Players conquest Gameplay! BF4 multiplayer on the Playstation 4

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Massive Network’s Battlefield 4 PS4 Multiplayer Live stream & Gameplay is a hybrid! Including tips, tricks, hints and review of BF4.

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  1. I buy bf4 last day but I can't play multiplayer I only can play campain can you guys help me on that I need to know how to play multiplayer in bf4 and yes I do have ps+

  2. this is PS3 ? why you got a friend request that looks like PS3 message
    PS4 messages are different from PS3 ….

  3. I'm sure you get it all the time, but you should seriously consider doing voiceover work for trailers, commercials, etc. Also, whenever the next Duke Nukem comes out…

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