Protect Your Investment by Copying Playstation 3 Games


The introduction of the Playstation 3 gaming system has kicked the entire gaming experience up a notch. The quality and complexity of the graphics are phenomenal; breathtaking actually. The computing power of the system approaches that traditionally associated with high end IBM-type mainframes. Of course this technological advance comes with a price, which the gamer pays up front when he buys one of these games. Paying from 60 to 100 hundred dollars for a game is manageable when buying the first game, but prohibitive when buying a game to replace one that has become damaged or has been stolen. This high risk of inevitable damage or loss can be significantly reduce, even eliminated by copying Playstation 3 games to make backups to protect the original games.

If you’ve been playing PS3 games for a while, you’ve undoubtedly tried copying PS3 games without success, using the software that you have traditionally used to copy music and video CDs. They’ll never work. They can’t overcome the game’s copy protection scheme, but there are software applications out there for copying Playstation games.

There is an abundance of information regarding copying Playstation games available on the Internet on some of the PS3 gaming forums. There are excellent software applications currently on the market for copying PS3 games. All you really need is a copy of good game copying software, a computer with a DVD burner, some blank DVD disks, and of course an original PS3 game disk. Be prudent when selecting your blank DVD disks. Don’t buy unbranded cheap disks thinking that you will save money. Spend the extra bucks for the best DVD blanks. You’re games were expensive. They deserved to be copied onto a high-quality DVD to ensure that they will operate optimally.

Once you have acquired all the equipment and supplies needed, you’re ready to begin copying PS3 games to create backups. The entire process can take about 30 minutes, plus or minus depending upon the complexity of the game’s program. The process, in a nutshell, is little more than following onscreen instructions, inserting and removing disks, and clicking on a few onscreen buttons. You’ll be an expert at copying Playstation 3 games in no time, copying backups for all of your PS3 games. With these backups you’ll rest easily with the knowledge that when another of your PS3 games is damaged or lost, you can replace it at no cost by copying another backup disk.

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