Project Cars Xbox One Gameplay


This XBox One version is still very much a work in progress, graphics being refined, handling still being worked on which made driving very challenging. But its coming along and shows positive signs, since making this video I’ve seen a newer build with visual improvements throughout and look forward to another hands on pre-release. To keep up with all of our Project Cars news, visit our website at

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  1. So far this is the best looking gameplay i have seen of project cars it runs so damn smooth.I will be renting it through gamefly on the XOne.Have to try this before i buy make sure its a good racer.I'm a Forza fan so this game has alot to prove when your going against the highest rated racing game of the past 12 years

  2. I am really looking forward to the game but no demo ever shows any oversteer of a vehicle? Every corner seems very neutral or semi understeer? Other than that well done on producing the game as a whole. I am genuinely looking forward to playing it.

  3. This game looks really good. One thing that I noticed and I hope is cleaned up a bit is how items disappear in the rear-view mirror. Once I noticed it, I couldn't stop looking at it.

  4. They said all consoles last year including the Wii U but we know that's b.s. Just ask Ubisoft who promised to keep supporting the Wii U. Hell you could use the Wii U to stream games online without a PC required. Sony was advertising this game as it was going to be a PS4 exclusive, I guess that just means Xbox One owners would have to wait 6 months before their version gets sold in stores.

  5. Is the blur to add reality effects or just to cover up the fact that the trees suck and to not focus at buildings way off in the distance when driving around? One of the race games they said they actually used over a million polygons just for one single tree alone, these trees on the PS4 version look like cardboard stand ups.

  6. i guess it's better to play it on ps4; because there aren't so many xbox ones around, so you maybe won't find anyone to play online.

  7. does it have steering lock on xbox one?? I havent seen him turn the steering wheel more than like 60 degrees, if thats true then im gonna be pissed, its really annoying

  8. Looks amazing! 900p or 1080 not a big difference. 720 and 1080 yes u can see the difference. Happy racing guys! I will definitely get it for my ps4.

  9. what are the driving physics like on this game ? hopefully nothing like the crew SHOCKING an I am talking as in how the car behaves when you crash an collide with railings an stuff on the crew the cars just bounce of things dont feel like theres really any impact or speed loss

  10. Looks great, 900p or not. Still don't know which version to buy. But i prefer to buy it on the xbox one, because the ps4 is prone to failure.

  11. Have to say ps4 version looks way better. .I own xbone so not hating. .unfortunately my silly friends which I like more can't let go of Microsoft. .so I will be forced into buying this version. .but my bro has also got ps4 so at least I get to borrow his game when he is out
    .Microsoft seriously let their customers down 900p com on it's 2015!..I can se resolution difference on this compared to the ps4 footage. .I'm hoping new footage of xbone will look better won't hold my breath though.shame.

  12. I still can't believe people bitch about consoles and their graphics I was brought up playing the sega mega drive and the Nintendo consoles did I play for the graphics ? No because they were shit but I still enjoyed the thing

    And to end the war I have a Xbox one. But pc will always win with graphics

  13. Its not that the car is twitchty on a controller. It does not need work doing to the game. it all about being smooth on a controller. (Steering Control)

  14. I'm not dropping $60 on this until see a lot of good reviews.. I think this will be more popular on the PS4 since Driveclub was a dud. Probably wait for Forza 6 myself.

  15. No, you will clearly be able to tell the difference between the X1 vs PS4 version right away, as the PS4 version runs in a native resolution of 1080p, Coupled with the better AA. It has less jaggies, smoother shadows,sharper reflections and textures. just not nearly as sharp or smooth as the PC. The X1 version runs at 900p with upscalling, 0:57 is the effect this has on the X1 version. PS4 also has a better Frame rate than the X1 version due to it's more powerful GPU. Sorry if this sounds like a fanboyish statement, but none of this is made up. it's all facts. The PS4 is simply a more powerful system, so it's a given that multiplat games, such as this will look/play better than X1 counterparts. if you want solid proof, go watch digitalfoundry.

  16. Also ,those dust and shadows look almost pixelated at times compared to the ps4 version. Frame rate drops as well. Not trying to be negative ,just pointing out how I see it. Great coverage in all your videos and thanks for doing them.

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