Professional network: Wizbii platform raises 10 million euros

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The end of the year looks promising for Wizbii. The Grenoble platform dedicated to youth employment has indeed raised an exceptional amount of 10 million euros, after a lifting of 3 million euros in September 2016.

This 5th round of fundraising was completed thanks to the support of historical investors (CapHorn Invest, Sigma Gestion) but also from the Franco-German fund ODDO BHF, which signs its entry into the capital for 8 million euros, after having accompanied by other young shoots of FinTech like Lydia or Bankin '.

The objective of this new round? Fund the development of new services to support young people in working life. In early 2019, Wizbii is preparing to launch a new service offering dedicated to the financing of student life, in partnership with the banking industry.

The start-up also plans to launch new services "in the fields of health, insurance, housing, mobility or transport ", and always "in the form of partnerships" as she has done so far.

A new turning point

These developments should also lead to about 20 new hires over the 18 months, bringing the total number of employees to 120.

This strategy also represents a new turning point in the company's model, which began in 2011, with the idea of ​​launching a social network for 18-30 year olds.

Over the course of its development, Wizbii then offered several other services such as online courses, or learning foreign languages ​​and preparing for certifications, driving licenses, etc.

In early 2018, the company launched a national and regional research search engine to finance its studies, by buying the start-up Filengo (amount of the transaction: NC).

On the side of numbers, if the company does not communicate on the amount of its turnover, Wizbii services would be used today by nearly 2.5 million young people in France and is still experiencing strong growth, with nearly 5 000 new subscribers every day in France, but also in Spain, Italy and England.

According to the company, nearly 40,000 jobs were filled in 2017 thanks to its platform. Winner of the French Tech Pass, Wizbii has 100 employees divided between its head office in Grenoble and offices in Paris.