Pokémon Sun and Moon – Episode 8 | Goodbye Melemele!


We search for Rockruff with the power of Poké Ride and clean some Poké poop with Grimer! I wish I was kidding…
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  1. there is one more rock smash spot, if i remember correctly, inside the cave at the meadow, and a lady outside of the normal clothes shop will give you a silk scarf.

  2. fast way to evolve munchlax is to go to your poke pelago and get the beans if you happen to get a rainbow one give it to munchlax when hungry and it will boost happiness to like lvl 4 and then the rest you have to pet and have fun with him.

  3. punchy orange since you have Taurus. I will remind you to go back to the first trial cave and get the poke ball at top of mountain were you faced totem pokemon

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