Smart Business People Make the Best Pokemon Go Players

“Gotta Catch ‘Em All” has people around the globe seeking out 148 Pokémon characters. Interestingly, although a pure form of entertainment, the application of simple rules for business success also applies to Pokémon players.

Pokémon Go has become a world-wide phenomenon. More than 100 million people worldwide have downloaded the Pokémon Go app. It received more first week downloads in the Apple Store than any other app in history. More than 10% of Android devices have Pokémon Go installed on them.

So what can playing Pokémon Go teach you about how to be a more successful business person? You need to set goals, educate yourself on the market, play the long game and learn how to successfully build teams. Even though Pokémon Go may seem like a simple game to play, keen decision-making skills and long-term strategizing go into making a successful player. Below is some advice on how to be the best Pokémon Go player, and you’ll find that all of these tips have transferable applications in the business world.

Set Your Objectives

1). Collect as many Pokémon as possible.

2). Advance to new levels to gain additional advantages.

3). Use resources wisely.

4). Enjoy the rewards and entertainment gained from a job well done.

Educate Yourself

The Internet is full of tips and tricks for making you a better player. One of the most accessible sources is YouTube where you can find the latest Pokémon news and advice. For example, when you evolve Eevees, you get one of three Pokemon at random: Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon. However, if you rename the Eevee before you evolve it, you can actually choose what they will become. If you don’t know this trick, Google it and educate yourself.

Play the Long Game

It is easy to get caught up in short-term rewards at the cost of losing of long-term gains. Pokémon is a progressive game where the rewards handed to you are sometimes greater than the ones you use resources to obtain. For example, in levels 1 through 15, the Pokémon found usually have low Combat Power (CP) and there might be a temptation to boost this by using valuable Stardust. Imagine catching a Pokémon at level 4, increasing its CP and finding that at level 15, you find the same CP Pokémon just for the catching. Here are a couple of tips for being a successful Pokémon Go player.

1). Use Stardust when you possess at least 50K of it have at least reached level 15, some even say level 20.

2). Some Pokémon have two levels of evolution, these include Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, Nidoran (male/female), Oddish, Poliwag, Machop, Bellsprout, Geodude, Gastly and Dratini. Wait until you have enough candies to evolve them all the way. The first level usually takes around 25 candies; the second, 100. Your evolved Pokémon is based on picking the best option and evolving it up to higher levels. You don’t want to evolve at 25 candies only to find the next one you catch is better than the one you just evolved. A complete evolution table can be found here:

3). Use the evaluation tool to determine the potential of your Pokémon. A “perfect” Pokémon character will evolve the most and have the highest potential. You will waste weeks of work if you evolve inferior Pokémon only to find it can’t successfully battle with them.

Teamwork Makes for the Best Earning Strategy

The only way to earn Pokémon gold, which can be redeemed for upgrades, is to participate in Pokémon Gyms. A Gym can have up to ten levels, and the larger the number of Pokémon in the Gym, the less likely it is to be taken over by other players. Seek out Gyms with available openings, or train in a Gym to make an opening and then add your Pokémon to it. You can earn ten gold pieces a day in a Pokémon Gym. If you collect a number of high level Pokémon, you can have several Gyms earning you free income every day. If you take over a Gym, take it over with other people so you can fill as many positions as possible. When you take over a Gym alone and have the only Pokémon there, you are very likely to lose the Gym.

Oftentimes, the same skills that make you successful in the business world, also translate to other areas of your life. Pokémon Go is a prime example of how the same skills that make you a successful businessperson can make you an excellent Pokémon Go player. Learn to set measurable objectives, educate yourself on the playing field, think about the long-term potential, manage your resources in the most efficient manner, and develop effective teams to maximize rewards.

Everything You Need to Know About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the latest craze and people are going absolutely crazy over it. In fact, the game has managed to break all records and topped the download charts. Wondering what the game is all about? The game involves players to go out on the street to catch the several Pokemon characters. In order to do that the game uses your phone’s GPS and built in clock to track the location of the Pokemon. What’s interesting is that you view the world through the phone camera. If you are interested to know everything about this game which is taking the gaming world by storm read out here and get interested to get lost in the fascinating world of the Pokemens:

Overview of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a real time adventure game that allows you to go out on the streets and other places to find out Pokemon. Your aim is to hunt down the Pokemon and train it while you are out on the streets. Since you are using the AR facility or real time tracking, it uses the primary camera of your phone to display the Pokemon. Interestingly, the display is such that you feel it is right in front of you. For instance, on your stove in the kitchen, the garden and such other real places.

Catching them all

While you are walking down the streets, the Pokemon will appear in front of you on the map. For instance, if you see flurries of leaves, it clearly means a rare Pokemon is somewhere nearby. Now, the tiny guide on the left side of your phone’s screen is a guide to which Pokemon is nearby. Also, three footprints mean it is further away from you while one footprint simply means it is behind you. Your aim is to tap on the Pokemon to make it appear in front of you. Then you need to throw Pokeballs by swiping.

Competing with other players

One of the best things about the game is that there are plenty of Pokemons around you. So, you can always go about helping a friend or a stranger locate their Pokemon without losing out on your winning chances. In simple words, there are no Pokemon related clashes in the game and it usually brings people closer instead of creating any kind of rivalry.

About Pokestops

Pokestops are the assigned lucky dips for the trainers. These are usually the holy places you visit such as the church, statue,memorial plaque,etc. You will get loots from these places such as snacks for Pokemon, Pokeballs, medicines for battle-wounded Pokemons and many other such kinds of stuffs. You need to tap on the concentric circles that appear and spin the one in the center to claim your loot.

So, these are some of the very interesting and important information about Pokemon Go that you can’t afford to miss. Now that you know everything about this game its time that you indulge in playing this game and catch the Pokemons roaming around!

Pokemon GO’s Latest Legendary Has a Big Problem

Pokémon GO is no stranger to bugs and glitches, but it seems that the problems with Suicune – its latest addition – run deeper than that. Since Suicine’s release, players have discovered that it is the weakest legendary in the game by a significant margin, and is even outpaced by other, more common Pokémon.

For those out of the loop, Pokémon GO divides a Pokémon’s stats up into Attack, Defense, and HP, averaging all those values into a CP value that gives a general sense of how two Pokémon compare to one another. It’s a simplified system compared to the core games, making it easier for casual players to stack up their teams without going through a bunch of stat calculations.

However, this seems to have worked against Suicune; its CP reportedly falls around 100 points short of Articuno – the second weakest legendary. A large part of this seems to be Suicune’s focus on defense; it was never an overly potent attacker in the original games and is outpaced by its fellow legendary dogs. Unfortunately, Pokémon GO’s CP calculation system doesn’t seem to place as much emphasis on defensive stats when reflecting its overall value, leading to Suicune’s underwhelming results.

That doesn’t mean that Suicune is completely useless, as defensive stats can still be of value to players who place a lot of Pokémon in gyms. However, Suicune falls short here as well, since other Pokémon like Blissey are far sturdier.

Besides, with many players simply focusing on attacking gyms or participating in raid battles, it’s clear that offensive statistics are generally more valuable. Suicune apparently can’t even outpace other Pokémon of its type, falling behind favorites like Vaporeon and Gyarados, and lacking any Water-type “fast moves” (the ones that occur simply by tapping on the screen in battle).

With all the fuss that erupts in the Pokémon GO fanbase when a new legendary is revealed, it’s a shame that Suicune is shaping up to be a bit of a disappointment. Personally, I’ve always been a Raikou fan myself, but I’m sure many players will wish that the ice dog put up more of a fight in combat. At least those that want Suicune simply for the Pokédex entry will have plenty of chances to nab it; it’s sticking around in North and South America until the end of November.

Pokémon GO is out now on Android and iOS.

Sources: WWG, Bulbapedia

Are Mythical Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Go?

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Dataminers have discovered some big surprises lurking under the surface of Pokemon Go‘s latest update.

Yesterday, Pokemon Go announced that a new update was being rolled out later this week, which was to fix several longstanding bugs in the game. However, dataminers discovered that (as always) Pokemon Go was hiding some big surprises underneath the surface.

The big news coming out of the new update is that 3D models for Ho-Oh and Celebi have been added to the game. Ho-Oh is the last Legendary Pokemon from the first two generations of Pokemon games that still hasn’t appeared in Pokemon Go and Celebi is a Mythical Pokemon, a type of Pokemon that hasn’t yet appeared in the game yet.

Unlike normal or Legendary Pokemon, Mythical Pokemon aren’t usually obtainable in main series Pokemon games, so players have to rely on giveaways and other distributions to get them for their collections. So far, Pokemon Go hasn’t given any indication whether Mythical Pokemon like Celebi will be Raid Bosses, or if they have other plans for this special subset of Pokemon.

However, don’t expect these Pokemon to appear in Pokemon Go tomorrow. Developers haven’t added 2D image assets for either Pokemon in the game’s files, which mean they aren’t ready to roll out yet.

You can check out models for both Pokemon below.

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Other Big Additions in the New Update

celebi pogo

The two new Pokemon models weren’t the only big teases found in Pokemon Go‘s new code. Animations for seven new moves were also discovered in the game, hinting that Pokemon Go is continuing to prep for the upcoming Gen 3 release. 

Animations for Surf, Take Down, Yawn, Waterfall, Draco Meteor, Doom Desire, and Psycho Boost were all found in Pokemon Go‘s code. Interestingly, three of those moves (Take Down, Yawn, Waterfall) were added as fast moves, while two of the new moves are signature moves for two powerful Gen 3 Pokemon. Doom Desire is Jirachi’s signature move and Psycho Boost could initially only be used by Deoxys, so this could mean we’ll finally see some reasons to use some of these Legendary Pokemon in battle, even if their stats aren’t all that great. 


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Mandatory Buddy Distances?

ho oh pogo

The other interesting change found in Pokemon Go‘s code were new line items related to “buddy distance requirements” for every Pokemon in the game. 

When Gen II rolled out in the spring, Pokemon Go added an interesting twist to the “friendship” requirements some Pokemon had to evolve. In order to evolve Eevee into either Umbreon or Espeon, Pokemon Go players had to walk Eevee 10 KM as a Buddy Pokemon. 

It appears that Pokemon Go liked this mechanic and has added similar code to all Pokemon species. This doesn’t mean that every Pokemon will have a minimum distance they need to be walked to evolve (after all, Pokemon Go can just set the distance requirement to zero) but it looks like several Gen III Pokemon will need to be walked before they can be evolved. 

We’ll have more on the new Pokemon Go update when it officially comes out sometime in the next few days. In the meantime, Pokemon Go players should be happy that the game developers are ramping up plans for the end of the year and beyond!