Pokemon GO Rock-Type Event Adventure Week – What was it? All the Bonuses You Can Gain, How to Level Up Quickly


Pokemon Go’s Rock-Type Event Adventure Week took place in May, and brought with it a variety of bonuses for players. This brand new event for Pokemon GO, will saw an increased frequency of rock-type Pokemon, and provided the player with other bonuses to tempt people all around the globe back into the mobile game.

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The Rock-type Event, designed to promote rock-type Pokemon, began on May 18 and ended on May 25.

New Features in Pokemon Go Rock-Type Event Adventure Week

As the Adventure Week event in Pokemon GO is aimed at promoting Rock-type Pokemon in the game, you’ll be able to find certain Pokemon in an abundance in your area. These Pokemon include Omanyte, Onix, and Sudowoodo, as well as other Pokemon that haven’t yet been announced. The confirmed rock-type Pokemon to appear during the Rock-type Event are:

  • Onix
  • Aerodactyl
  • Kabuto and evolution Omastar
  • Omanyte and evolution Kabutops
  • Sudowoodo

Although only five Pokemon have been confirmed, there’s every chance that other rock-type will show up so keep your eyes open.

On top of this, your selected Buddy Pokemon will give you Candy after just a quarter of the previously-required distance, drastically increasing the rate at which you can earn the item. The announcement also stated that you’ll gain extra items when visiting PokeStops, so make sure to pay your local stop a visit.

In addition to all this, you’ll also find a new Explorer’s Hat in your clothing collection as soon as the event begins on May 18, and all Poke Balls will be 50% off through the in-game store.

These are all the announced bonuses for the Adventure Week event at the current time, but should any more be revealed over the coming days, we’ll be sure to update this page with all the relevant information.

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Make sure to bookmark this page, for we’ll be adding all the information available on the forthcoming Adventure Week event for Pokemon GO, as soon as either Nintendo or Niantic announce anything at all.

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