Pokemon GO Generation 2 Released….SORT OF | Baby Pokemon And Christmas Pikachu


Niantic releases some of generation in the game, with a promise for more.

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  1. Weak Update. all this waiting and all they put in is a few babies that evolve to what we have already. I didn't even play today, waste of time.

  2. This is good news for us that live in a colder climate, had whole gen two come now we had been left out, at least if trading will come to the game, but now we know that only a few will come 2016 and then pushed out every month, so we will get most gen2 during the Spring and summer.

  3. Went to a nearby village, 4 holiday pika's and 2 more dittos! I evolved one of my pikas and got a santa hat richu! It works! Glad they are adding these updates fast now!

  4. I went out of my way to catch my santa pikachu today…but not sure I'm enthusiastic about baby pokemon cus I really don't want to buy incubators, i burnt a lot of money buying them last Halloween event

  5. You know I probably will end up quitting it looked like they changed it around the nearby was fixed ditto came out I was pretty happy for Christmas, but now what I gotta run around in the winter hatching 7 baby pokemon I don't care about it's as if nothing was added but pokemon you really don't wanna run into but they come from eggs I don't think they'll recover from this one

  6. woohooo walking!
    I'm down 10kg since Pokenon Go released. (egg hatching FTWL!) changed my eating habits and only activity change is more walking.. good combo cause easier to walk at 140kg… and easier to go faster (although summer is cracking on now so i might have to shift from lunchbreak walking to evenings near home where there are zero stops and barely any spawns and almost nothing interesting to look at..)

  7. maybe they are pushing for communication between team members. if you dont have friends who play then it encourages to meet new people who share similar interests. build gyms and earn free gold. find a good time and make a gym run. i was thinking about building a local Facebook page to make a coordinated effort for my team for gym building. thats the only point no one seems to mention. its not a solo game, its a social game. as a side note I live in Wisconsin so I know that this is otherwise pretty lame due to the cold weather.

  8. Red, i have a quick question. After looking into it, i have recently wanted to start recording gameplay of my own pokemon go experience. What do you use to record your gameplay/phone screen? As i cannot find anything.

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