Pokemon Go Christmas Update!


I’ll put all my Dragonites on Delibird being in this update
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  1. I believe the most probable way to impliment tgis is through a ticket exchange. Perhaps we can catch delibird to get a random delibird ticket or we can obtain a delibird ticket at Pokestops. (I have some doubts because the item was not datamined…)

    I doubt it will cost money. If it were to then this is too late to impliment. If it were to cost real life money we would have had the items added in November most likely. I feel there is something we do or obtain to exchange or earn the right to claim a prize. The ticket or in-game currency is exchanged for the corresponding gift type or the amount we accomplish increases what we can collect as our prize. We have the ability to claim gym rewards in the shop. I feel this will be the same sort of thing. What is inside is likely supplies to encourge us to play more. Probably incense and Pokeballs etc… I could see a great oppertunity to introduce certain Gen 2 Pokemon but I feel the best case scenario is likely a possibility to get a delibird if we collect the highest level gift or if we collect enough gifts. I just feel a Pokemon you can obtain is tied into this but the bulk of it is you playing the game itself and earning the gifts directly or earning a currancy to exchange later.

  2. when i saw deliberd on preview i thaught they've added deliberd, but nope, only gifts :/ 3ds pokemon games aer better than pokemon go

  3. Wen a Pokemon (or special Pokemon; such as delibird or Christmas pikachu) is caught it has a chance to drop a holiday box, and the ultra box is super rare but has the slightest chance of giving u a chance to catch a legendary

  4. Hey uh Lachlan… you said "I'll put all my Dragonites on Delibird being in this update" well say goodbye to all of them because Niantic didn't include Delibird in the update…

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