Pokemon Go – Best Items in the Shop – Lucky Egg, Incense, Egg Incubator Tips


The best items in Pokemon Go are the Lucky Egg, Incense and Egg Incubator. Tips on what to buy in the Pokemon Go Shop with Pokecoins in this video guide. I explain why each item is best to buy from the Pokeshop and how you can effectively use them to their best ability. The Lucky Egg is the best item in Pokemon Go! It doubles your XP for 30 minutes. Levelling up will help you get stronger pokemon and progress through the game faster, if you are going to buy any item from the Pokeshop, the lucky egg is what you want to buy and have in your inventory. Incense is another strong item in Pokemon Go. Purchased with poke coins it will attract pokemon to your location for 30 minutes. The Incense secret is to keep moving whilst using it and it will attract pokemon every 1 minute or 200 meters, whereas the Incense only encounters a pokemon every 5 minutes if you are static. The Egg Incubator is also an important item in Pokemon Go. You have an infinite version but you can purchase temporary incubators from the pokeshop. The trick with these is that they increase productivity, meaning you level up fast and can catch stronger pokemon. I hope you enjoyed my guide of the Pokeshop and the best items in Pokemon Go. Share with me your thoughts on the best items in the shop and let me know if you agree that the best are the Lucky Egg, Incense and Egg Incubator.


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