Pokemon GO account Giveaway!


Enjoy this giveaway I made for you guys!
To enter you have to: Subscribe, Like, Share and comment down below why you want this account. I will announce the winner once my channel hits 100 subscribers. Good luck guys!

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  1. I liked and subscribe

    I want the account because all my friends have better Pokemon and they are higher levels so I would really like it

  2. I liked and subscribed, i real want the account because there aren't any pokestops in my area so it is impressive to have a full pokedex. it has also been my dream to win one of these but i cant ever win them :(

  3. Hello, I really want to win and I liked and subbed 2 ur channel I think I should win because my friend can't get onto her account because it has been hacked and I want to give mine to her so I am looking for other ones! I am Hoping to win! Please give it to me I will be really haoneo My email is:

  4. I believe I should win the account because I live in a rural area and when I go into town, I can challenge gyms and I don't get beaten by everyone. That is why I want the account

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