Playstation Experience and DISNEYLAND!


while we were in vegas for the game awards we did disneyland with Nadeshot, ijustine, geof keighly and a few others as well as doing the playstation experience getting to play some pretty awesome playstation games like for honor, horizon, star wars VR and a lot more

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  1. Boogie, I just watched the '$10,000 donation challenge' video where you're invited to attempt to lose 100-200 pounds for your own benefit and for the good of the donation. Are you trying to do this challenge? What's holding you back, if not? I just don't understand, you have the money, the resources and the support to accomplish this… So why not just take it day by day, get serious and do it like you say you want to.

  2. I dunno why but iJustine is really an annoying presence for me. I've tried watching her videos a couple of times but the way she talks, the way she moves, her facial expressions, gah, can't stand her.

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