PlayStation Experience 2015: NIOH – PSX Trailer | PS4


Nioh is a dark, samurai-centric, action RPG currently in development by Koei Tecmo Games exclusively for the PlayStation®4 platform.

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Violence

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  1. Why can't I play as an actual samurai instead of some blonde white guy that looks like Geralt? It totally ruins the immersiveness of the game to play as a Euro as main character in a game in ancient Japan, I'm guessing they are doing it so western audiences are more interested in it. Just seems like pandering to me.

  2. lol this literally looks like a Japanese version of the witche…. dont get me wrong if it is that then it should be great ….

  3. sony please do some collection games do infamous collection for ps4 wich contains infamous 1,infamous 2 and the dlc infamous festival of blood and name it the cole macgrath collection please and thank you sony PlayStation.

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