PlayStation Experience 2015: Destiny: The Taken King – Sparrow Racing League Reveal Trailer | PS4


Starting on December 8th, enter the Sparrow Racing League. Compete against your friends on Venus and Mars to earn all-new rewards. Become a racing Legend.

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  1. Bungie….BUNGIE…just stop, you failed, game sucks, move on, it's not worth it anymore, it's more embarrassing than anything else…and deep down, you know it.

  2. December 8th…3 weeks, awesome I'm in…….[plays fallout 4 as well as various other games]… * 3 Weeks later * oh yeah, Sparrow Racing…its over? :(

  3. At the low price of 49.99 this could be yours!! Just ask your mommy and daddy to spend more money on a DLC instead of full games. Remember guys you have to pay to win.

  4. I feel if people actually took the time for Destiny's cosmetics then they would update more, and you people have to realize the Taken King came out in September, it's December and stuff is still dropping from the expansion such as new exotics and updates, challenge mode was just released to make the raid more fun. If this is what Bungie decided to use to tide us over until Vex void then I'll happily do it, also if people actually bought the cosmetics that rumor that they might make the next two expansions free might just come true

  5. And my PS+ just HAD to expire yesterday! I didn't renew it because i was spending the money trying to buy friends and family stuff for Christmas. I was hoping nothing would happen in Destiny till at least Christmas so I could use some Christmas money/gift cards to buy some more Plus but it looks like I got to find a way to renew my Plus this week.

  6. This looks dope. If sparrows could shoot it would be cooler. That way it would be combat racing. Hopefully this event is like an iron banner thing where it comes around like once a month

  7. sitting here, making a playlist of ALL the old wipeout and ridge racer soundtracks that im going to listen to while racing 😀
    i'm sooo hyped for tomorrow!

  8. I love how people are complaining about this being 3 weeks, it'll be like the Trials of Osirus, it'll come back with a few tweaks and stuff based on player feedback, and if you guys like it enough, it just might stay.

  9. So are these new "armors" going to be like the Festival of the Lost Masks? In that they don't actually serve a purpose? Or are they going to actually make for decent gear? Also how are they going to work with hunters? What with their constant wearing of cloaks and what not.

  10. Now I'll never get the Sparrow Racing gears, shaders, & everything they have until I get Destiny Legendary Edition on Christmas. :(

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