PlayStation Experience 2015: 100ft Robot Golf – Announce Trailer | PS VR


Play golf with impossibly huge robots in a destructible world!

100ft Robot Golf allows you to experience golf in a brand new way – from the cockpit of a 100 foot robot. No longer will an obstacle obscure the perfect shot. Knock over buildings, cliffs, and other obstacles to secure an advantage – or hinder your opponents in the four player split screen and online modes!

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  1. If it was a little bit more realistic, 'beating' other robots would bend your Golf Club and then you would still have to use it…

  2. I hope this is like Gurren Lagann.

    One minute, you're just golfing with a hundred foot robot, next thing you know, you're in a golf tournament against the Golf Nemesis in a pocket Universe with a robot bigger than the Universe itself using galaxies as golf balls.

  3. This game looks so perfect for VR. That golf swing is fire too btw. Such a clean swing lol. Was hoping a golf game would make it to VR. Woohoo. And the anime geeks came out so that must be a good thing xD

  4. Mario Golf N64 it's off. How became golf such a "fun sport" (?) The trailer it's the answer : Mecha, mecha professionals and puppy's Corgie intelligence, and more big mecha.
    Expecting that this title became allowed for normal playing too and not just for VR.

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