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Sony’s first annual PlayStation Experience saw tons of game reveals, announcements, and new information for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita — and if you missed the keynote, here’s everything you need to know.

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  1. 3 free games from ea??
    well played
    although i've had mirrors edge for what feels like 10 years now
    need for speed i got on sale for 5 bucks and isnt plants vs pay to win?

  2. Lol why have this guy talk about anything to do with ps4? People know what he really feels about sony by now. Dumb ign ha.

  3. EVERYBODY BEWARE! This SCUMBAG is operating under 2 profiles – The first, 'Sasuke Uchiha', abuses Xbox owners, and the second, 'Naruto Uzumaki', abuses Playstation owners…
    The goal of the scumbag is to get gamers to fight eachother, and to damage our common love for videogames. I suggest that whenever you see either of these profiles making comments you do NOT react to either. 
    It is HIGHLY LIKELY that this individual is actually working for one/more of these gaming channels, in a pathetic attempt to increase their comments/discussions. We will soon find out…

  4. Its funny when people are fighting over the console race, when I have both. Stop fighting just buy all consoles oh and btw PC MASTEE RACE. ALL PEASANT FANBOYS OF 25 FPS GAMES

  5. We are all gamers here! Why do we need to fight over nothing in the console wars? It's fucking pointless and stupid. It doesn't matter which console you play your game in.

  6. Ok, so I understand that playstation supports indies, but when it's there 20th anniversary, don't show 3 triple A's and then all indies, same with e3, at e3 we actual AAA games, because there e3 was embarrassing, and same with gamescom. They really slacked off this year.

  7. uncharted in 5 minutes sort of please played the first one missed out on the rest I want to buy this one but I wanna know the story line before I do thanks

  8. am i the only one waiting to here about the wolf among us season 2 or for playstation to announce the uncharted trilogy for ps4


  10. About time sony a little late to the party though that doesn't count for all the indie games this year with games like sunset overdrive on xbox one haha

  11. Why the hell are most of people in the comments having hard time about indie games being on PS4? Indie games are freaking awesome and out of all new games coming out, I think Hotline Miami 2 is the one I'm looking for the most.

  12. IGN, i have a question about the ps vita games. Some of the games on the cover it says that ‘only on playstation' does that mean that i cannot play the game if i dont have a playstation?

  13. I heard that stuff about elder scrolls six was being released at this event. Can anyone tell me if It was I really want to know I don't know if I believe the website i read that on it would be nice if I heard from someone who was their 

  14. anyone know the name of that game they announced for vita I think, where the character is your finger, literally your finger on the screen?

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