PlayStation Exec Addresses The Nintendo Switch, Says Sony Will Benefit From Its Success

(Photo: Sony/Nintendo)

For a while now, the console space has pretty much been a two-way race between Sony and Microsoft, with Nintendo chilling on the sidelines. That’s definitely changed with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, so what does market-leader Sony think about the new competition? They’ve had some nice things to say about the Switch in the past, but are they starting to sweat?

Apparently, not. In a recent interview with Game Reactor PlayStation global marketing head Jim Ryan said Nintendo’s success is everybody’s success.

“I think in many ways this increased [Nintendo] presence in the space is a good thing. It creates conversation, it creates excitement, and certainly having a rejuvenated and energetic Nintendo back, I think it’s a great thing for the industry, because I think the industry is better and stronger when Nintendo is strong.”

In a separate interview with GameIndustry, Ryan elaborated, laying out a specific scenario where Sony could benefit from Nintendo’s renewed prosperity…

“To some extent they [Nintendo might] come in, and the word ‘steal’ is a bit crude, but they may take a more casually-orientated consumer, who might otherwise have been a target for PlayStation 4…obviously, viewed narrowly, that is not to our benefit. But when you look at the whole of the industry ecosystem, having a resurgent Nintendo back, and playing in a meaningful manner can only be to the benefit to the industry. If it means that some of those people, the many millions of people, who got into the Wii start to come back. When they come back, and they go into a store looking for a Switch, I’ll have a crack at selling them a PS4.”

It’s nice to see Sony being so magnanimous. We’ll see if they remain as upbeat if the Switch starts eating into sales of the PS4 in a serious way. For now, with the Switch supply constrained, everybody can afford to be friendly.

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[via Game Reactor & GameIndustry]

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