PlayStation DUALSHOCK®4 Controller


PlayStation 4 developers discuss some of their favorite DUALSHOCK®4 features, what makes each feature unique and how it will make your gameplay experience much more dynamic.

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  1. dafaq? your are really saying that games like uncharted and the last of us and beyond look better on the loud xbox?
    tyrone jordan go home (xbox one joke)

  2. I am not. If anyone clicks your name, they will see dozens of Playstation/Xbox videos YOU have commented on. You are like a troll in denial or something…very strange.

  3. I was a hardcore xbox fanboy back in the day and always made fun of the ps3(which was total shit) then xbox one came along and that was a BIG dissapointment. Might as well call it the NSA box. But hell this Ps4 is going to kick Xbox's ass…..but then again i switched to pc…..which 3000x better

  4. To całe wasze share to mit 🙂 Ludzie mam 80MB/S i 8Mb/s uploadu i ciągle wali komunikatem niska jakość kiepskie te serwery ma plyastation xD

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