PlayStation Camera


Navigate, play and share with the PlayStation®Camera for the PS4™ system.

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  1. Not Interested. On another note.. Super predictable that morpheus will not be as successful as planned. due to motion sickness, nausea, eye irritation and many other incompatible reasons. good luck…

  2. Fix the playstation camera detection because when I play Just Damce 2015 the game use my plushies or the wall as a player.. not me.

  3. Everyone's arguing about whether or not Sony ripped off the Kinect

    and I'm just sitting here, horrified at the 3D facescanning part where the white guy's face is yellow.

  4. USA/EU government will spy on you using this camera if you are in Africa because they want to maintain their terror ongoing in Africa

  5. A big xb selling point is kinect, Microsoft is playing that game. The avg small minded consumer marvels futuristic features that'll make a product seem "next gen". Too bad it still wasn't enough to surpass PS4 sales

  6. I love how Xboners say Playstation copied the kinect. Ps2 eyetoy, released in 2003! Yeah, we did it 7 years before xbox did!

  7. so today I just got a new VR Headset which is about 300$ – 400$ I plug it in and it's all setup I'm so excited and greatful but when I trun it it tell me to plug in my Playstation Camera but I don't think I'm going to get a Playstation camera after Christmas so now I can't even play VR AFTER SPENDING 300$ – 400$ AND THE ONLY WAY I CAN I HAVE TO SPEND ANOTHER 100$ – 200$ PLEASE FIX THIS

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