Playstation 4 (PS4) Teardown and Disassembly – PC Perspective


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We spent our night opening and (nearly) breaking the PS4. Here is the recording of our LIVE stream.

Getting into the PS4 starts at 15:30
Removing power supply at 23:00
Removing Bluetooth antenna at 27:30
Taking out the Blu-ray drive at 28:15
HDD Removal at 34:10
Back metal plate removal at 39:15
Motherboard removal 48:00
Checking out the motherboard 52:00
removing the front metal plate with heatsink 56:50
Fan discussion 1:04:00

After that we fix the broken fan wires and put it all back together (successfully!)

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  1. Smart people would hack the ps4 and use it then as a linux desktop system 😀 I don't think you can get that much power with only 400 bucks … We should hope that a custom firmware is coming soon 😀

  2. It is interesting to hear about the different brands of components in the PS4, but what benefit was there to cataloging these components? I did not hear anything comparing those components to similar components by other makers.

  3. Just watched this. Camera angles bad, positioning of subject all over the place, digital slr- get a manual and find out where the macro function is. Don't pull,at wires from one end without checking other end first, it was so obvious. Missing screws which we can even see on a small screen. Next time, do a pre run first then put it together again and then do the tear down.

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