PLAYSTATION 4 PRO Gameplay Graphics Showcase New Spiderman PS4 + Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 PRO Gameplay


This is a gameplay compilation of all the gameplay demos shown off at the PS4 Pro / PlayStation 4 Pro press meeting. Games shown off include Spiderman PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Mass Effect Andromeda, Days Gone and More!

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  1. I'm interested and do have a 4k set.

    Going to wait until reviews come out however before getting this, will do the same with Scorpio.

  2. Looking for people to join my gaming community to make friends and join games easier just search Angels Of The Void on the ps4 thanks.

  3. OMG am i the only one seeing this??? all this "AMAZING" visuals they show look fucking ugly! like ambient occlusion and hdr are non existent! rise of the tomb raider looks million times better on my pc! wtf

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